How to Create a Net Worth Statement

Do you know your net worth? If not, try creating net worth statement so you can see how much you’re worth on a single page. To help you create your net worth statement, here is a free template you can use as a guide or you can download this free net worth statement worksheet to calculate your net worth in excel. Click on the button below to download it now.

How to Create a Net Worth Statement

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What is a Net Worth Statement?

A net worth statement is a financial statement that shows you what you own and what you owe. It’s like a snapshot of your finances at any point in time. There are several things you need to do to create your net worth statement. To help guide you through the process, follow this step-by-step guide

5 Easy Steps to Creating your Net Worth Statement

Step 1: Organize your Assets
Step 2: Value your Assets
Step 3: List your Liabilities
Step 4: Determine your Total Debt
Step 5: Calculate Your Net Worth

Next steps

Now that you know your net worth, it’s time to start figuring out how to grow it. If your net worth isn’t positive, don’t fret. It takes time, discipline and hard work to build your nest egg. To increase the likelihood that you will build wealth over time, we highly recommend learning as much as possible about money management, investing and personal finance. Financial education is a powerful thing, especially in the long-run. For more information and resources to help you manage your finances, stay connected with us at Good luck!

Download our Free Net Worth Statement Templates

Want to create your own net worth statement? No problem. We’ve created two tools to help you create your net worth statement easily. The first tool is a free downloadable excel spreadsheet that will help you add up your assets, categorize your expenses and make it easy to calculate your net worth. The second tool is a free PDF template that makes it easy to calculate your net worth by hand. Both are free to download and share with your friends.

Net Worth Statement Worksheet (Excel) | Download it Now

Net Worth Statement Template (PDF)| Download it Now