Guide to Budgeting

In this guide, you’ll learn all about budgeting from the basics of calculating cash flow to strategies for cutting down on your spending each month. Check out our guide to budgeting.

What’s inside:

A comprehensive guide to budgeting. Topics include:
  • What is a budget
  • Why create a budget
  • Anatomy of a budget
  • How to create an cash flow statement
  • Setting goals
  • How to track your spending
  • Measuring your performance
You don’t have to be a personal finance expert to use this guide, but a financial knowledge will help. First, we’ll cover all the basics, like what is a budget, how a budget works and why you should create a budget. Then we’ll get into the technical stuff, like the components of a budget and some of the ways you can be successful at budgeting. Finally, we’ll run through budgeting best practices, tracking your spending and measuring your progress.
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